Is it time for the Cardinals to launch Rosen

Was an 0 – 2 start and another dismal display enough for the Arizona Cardinals to move on from quarterback Sam Bradford and start the Josh Rosen era?

In the fourth quarter with 4:31 remaining and after 2 interceptions and a fumble by Bradford, Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks had seen enough and decided to look for a spark in what turned into 16 – 14 loss to the Chicago Bears and a 0 -3 start to the season.

Wilks stated, “I felt we needed a spark”.

Even though Wilks would not commit to Rosen starting next week against the Seattle Seahawks, he did state, I’m going to look at everything to make sure I make the right decision for this team. It’s a lot that goes into it and it’s too early to go into right now.”

Wilks sounded a lot like Cleveland Browns head coach Hugh Jackson after rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield relieved an injured quarterback Tyrod Taylor Thursday night. The difference being Mayfield led the Browns to their first victory in 635 days.

Rosen envisioned leading the Cardinals to game winning drive but instead the game ended on an interception by the Bears. Rosen stated, “I’m looking forward to getting better in the weeks to come.”

Although Bradford threw two first-half touchdowns, he returned to his dismal play that led the Cardinals to only six points in the Cardinals previous eight quarters in their first two games.

To add insult to injury for Bradford, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Cardinals could save $4 million in unpaid pre-game roster bonuses by cutting him.

This weeks decision to go with Rosen could not just be performance but financial as well.


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