#17 ASU falls at home to Princeton

ASU played easily their worst game of the season in home loss to Princeton at Wells Fargo Arena 67- 66.

“There are no positives to this at all,” said ASU head coach Bobby Hurley after the game.

The Sun Devils shot 28% from the field in the first half while going 0 – 7 from the 3-point line in route to being outscored 47 – 30. The second half wasn’t much better, they did outscore Princeton 36 – 30 but needed to outscore them by 2 more points. The Sun Devils ended up shooting 32% for the game.

The Sun Devils played like a team that beat #1 ranked Kansas the last time they took the floor in Tempe.

Excluding Romello White, who shot 7 – 8 from the floor, the rest of the Sun Devils starters shot 9 – 37.

Hurley added, “You cant be one team against the #1 team in the country and then play this way. If we’re going to play like this, then the resume isn’t going to mean a whole lot.”

In the end, the Sun Devils had three shoots to win the game, but just as the whole game went, not one shot would fall.

The Sun Devils have until Thursday to re-group. That’s when they start the Pac-12 conference schedule against Utah.


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