3-Quick Questions with John Lucas

While in Las Vegas covering NBA Summer League 2016, I had the opportunity to spend a minute with the great John Lucas. So of course, I had to ask him 3 quick questions. The Rockets and Serena Williams were the topics.


  • Q1. How do you like how the team is looking going forward?

I really like it. The shooters should spread the floor. James Harden should be relaxed and be the James Harden that was the MVP talent.


  • Q2. Do you think coach Mike D’Antoni will work as the new head coach?

I was with Mike before and I know what he can do. It’s really exciting.


  • Q3. What did you think of Serena getting number 22?

I loved it. It was a great match. It was the best women’s final I’ve seen in a long time.


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