Opening Day is a National Holiday

Is it a National Holiday? No, but it should be. I’m not talking about a Presidents birthday and no, another country was not discovered. I’m talking about opening day for Major League Baseball and in particular opening day for the Arizona Diamondbacks here at Chase Field.

If there is any team in the major leagues that gets it right, it’s the diamondbacks organization. The streets outside the ballpark are littered with vendors, giveaways and inside a competitive baseball team that has a legitimate shot of winning their division.

Local bars are packed and libation is freely flowing. Glasses are full of beer and the streets are full of Diamondback fans. And inside Chase Field is the home of the $25 corn dog and you can’t beat that.

This is the day it’s ok for dad to take his kids out of school early or not just take them at all. This way they can grow up learning the importance of this day so years later they can be the dad taking their kids to an opening day baseball game.

We all know the tradition opening has in cities like Chicago, New York, Boston or Cincinnati, but do not allow the golf loving retire meant city of Phoenix fool you, the city of Phoenix loves baseball just as much and the Diamondbacks organization know how to put on a great event.

The game itself is scheduled beautifully as the Diamondbacks get to open against an old love of Phoenix, the San Francisco Giants, who were the home team prior to the inception of the Diamondbacks. Phoenix was the former home of their minor league team, the Phoenix Firebirds, and remains their spring training home. Now, along with the Los Angeles Dodgers, they are one of the main rivals for the Diamondbacks.

The Diamondbacks start the season 0 – 2 because of their trip down under in Australia, where they lost a two-game series to the Dodgers. We are now stateside and all those loses mean is that the Diamondbacks will go 160 – 2. That’s what Diamondback fans believe, at least that what the fans believe. And the great thing about baseball, unlike any other sport, every team has that chance.

Since congress always wants to get involved with baseball and everything around it, it’s time for a bill to be introduced to make opening day a National Holiday. No mail delivered, no banks open and no school. But until they come to their senses and do the right thing, I’ll do it for them.

Happy National Holiday to you and go Diamondbacks.


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