A Major Hit To The UFC

                                                                A Major Hit to the UFC

Conor McGregor has helped the UFC rise to great heights. He has put the sport on the map, he has made millions and in turn the sport has reached unprecedented financial heights. He is one the biggest self-promoters in any sport, but all of his goodwill was thrown away in a bizarre attack against his fellow fighters that will cost the sport millions and possibly McGregor’s UFC career for the immediate future.

McGregor and his companions attacked a bus in the loading dock of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, site of UFC 223 which is scheduled for this Saturday. McGregor was caught on video hurling a hand truck at the bus, along with several other objects including large metal trashcans. Someone else in McGregor’s party also threw a chair through the front window of the bus.

Several people were injured on the bus, including UFC Lightweight fighter Michael Chiesa, who was cut by glass. His fight against Anthony Pettis has been cancelled. Flyweight Ray Borg will be unable to fight as well, due to corneal abrasions suffered during the attack. McGregor’s teammate Artem Lobov was taken out of his fight against Alex Caceres due to his involvement in the altercation. In total the UFC has lost three fights scheduled for pay-per-view as a result of this incident.

McGregor has since turned himself in to New York City police, and is being questioned, but has not been formally charged.

“The organization deems today’s disruption completely unacceptable and is currently working on the consequences that will follow,” the UFC said in a statement.

UFC president Dana White called McGregor’s behavior “the most disgusting thing that has ever happened” in the sports history.

White had come out and said on Wednesday that Saturday’s fight will mark the end of the inactive McGregor’s title as lightweight champion. McGregor was none too thrilled at White’s announcement, which could have provoked the brazen attack.

McGregor has never defended a UFC title, and it has been over 500 days since he last won a title. The UFC has not had a title fight since he beat Eddie Alvarez on November 12, 2016. McGregor is the only fighter to ever hold two titles simultaneously as he held both the Featherweight and Lightweight championships making him the first European professional mixed martial artist to hold titles in two divisions.

The UFC allowed him to step into the boxing ring for a nine-figure payout versus Floyd Mayweather, which has slowed down the sport considerably. He has been allowed to retain his title until now and this undoubtedly has slowed the progress of other fighters. The sport has been basically been put on hold because of him, and now he has slapped them right in the face.

The UFC has no choice but to suspend him indefinitely. There is no other choice. McGregor will also have to deal with potential criminal charges, as well as sanctions from the New York State Athletic Commission. The man, who is the face of the sport, now has defaced the sport, as well as his own legacy.



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