Alvarez KO’s Dos Anjos

Eddie Alvarez has continued the trend. First Rousey was dethroned, then Werdum, then Rockhold, now Rafael Dos Anjos.

We have a Philly champion now, and I couldn’t be happier.

This fight didn’t even last one full round. So there isn’t too much to write about.

But boy, wow. What a performance by Eddie Alvarez.

If you read my piece, I told you I was rooting for my boy Eddie from Philly.

He pulled it out. Here’s how it went down.

Eddie gets rocked by a left from Dos Anjos; Alvarez counters with a flush right, BANG.

Dos Anjos knees buckle, and Eddie swarms in for the kill.

Dos Anjos eats around 15 punches; this guy is tough as nails.

Alvarez presses on, flying knee connects. He falls down but unlike life alert, he can get back up.

Eddie backs RDA into the fence, more punches by Alvarez. RDA still somehow standing up. Uppercut, hard left, uppercut. RDA’s head on a swivel and the ref stops the fight.

Your new champion, Eddie Alvarez.

Poor Dos Anjos. Tough guy and I feel sorry. But I was rooting for my boy Eddie, and he pulled it out.

So, what’s next? For Eddie, a title defense. Most likely against either RDA or MY MAIN MAN Khabib Nurmagamedov. Or maybe even Tony Ferguson. Hopefully Khabib though.

As for RDA, who knows? He got busted up so he probably will be placed on a medical suspension for the time being. Poor guy.

Alvarez acknowledged that when fighting an opponent like RDA there isn’t any “margin for error”.

Alvarez said it comes down to being focused, and being patient.

“It’s a big I told you so, and my eyes are on the big money fights”,  Alvarez said to reporters after his victory.


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