Andre Iguodala helps Warriors pull even

NBA Finals-

For the first time in the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors took the series personally. They played with desperation and did to the Cleveland Cavaliers what they think they should have been doing since game one of this series.

What is that? Push the tempo on a team that plays only 7 players and put role players in positions to have to be superstars.

There is no doubt that for the first three games, LeBron James has his remaining cast of Matthew Dellavedova, Iman Shumpert, Timofey Mozgoz, J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson playing like seasoned playoff veterans.

But even the greatest of generals have to have troops and last night there was nothing left in the tank and there were no more reserves to go to.

Dellavedova, Smith and Shumpert went 7 – 35 from the field (3 -24 from behind the 3-point line) and only managed 2 free throw attempts.

For the first time the Cavaliers had no legs on their shots and were forced to play a tempo that they (James) have been able to control.

The Warriors changed their lineup and started Andre Iguodala instead of Andrew Bogut and that paid off.

Iguodala gave them that much needed spark offensively and defensively that got them going. And even though the Cavaliers jumped out to a 7 – 0 lead, the pace they were playing could not hold up and the quarter ended with the Warriors up 31 – 24 and from that point there was no looking back.

Cleveland made a run and cut the deficit to 3 points but could get no closer eventually losing 103 – 82.

Although there is no stopping James, Iguodala made the King work for everything and offensively he poured in 22 points himself.

When asked before the game if there would be any lineup changes, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said “No”.

Well he lied about starting Iguodala in place of Bogut and admitted it after the game, “I could tell the truth which would be like knocking on David Blatt’s door and explaining the change”.

He went on to say, “Sorry, but I don’t think they hand you the trophy based on morality,”

The goal now is to play with this type of intensity on Sunday in Oakland after James and all the Kings Men have had an opportunity to rest for 2 days and make adjustments to the Warriors new smaller lineup.


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