Around The Horn w/the DBacks 03-27-2012

Scottsdale Arizona-

The Arizona Diamondbacks played a one of their best  offensive games of the season as they were able to consistently get good wood on the ball. They were aided by some shaky outfield play by the Colorado Rockies as the Rockies 2 errors resulted in runs for the Diamondbacks and aided a 7 – 3 victory for the Diamondbacks.

There was plenty of upside for the Diamondbacks, especially on the pitching side. Starter Patrick Corbin had a solid outing as he pitched 5 strong innings, striking out 3, walking 2 and giving up no hits. Corbin also helped his on cause by going 2 – 2 with a triple  and RBI.

After the game, Diamondback manager Kirk Gibson said no  decisions were made in regards to who would stay with the team and who would be  sent back to the minors.

12,044 fans watched Tuesday’s game under picture perfect skies and with the best weather conditions possible.

On a side note: Daniel Hudson pitched in an intrasquad game where he had eight strikeouts in six innings of work and surrendered one run on four hits.



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