Boxing…. Take the road that makes sense.

With the true king of the 154-pound junior middleweight boxing division still spending time in jail, the internet site is reporting that Oscar De La Hoya is interested in putting together a tournament for the top eight boxers at this weight.

You can probably stick a fork in this idea because the top fighters are about the money not determining who the best is. You probably would not get Floyd Mayweather to participate, or any of the other top boxing draws. 

There is nothing to gain financially for the top boxers. For example: If Canelo Alvarez loses to Erislandy Lara, there goes his possible big payday for a Mayweather fight. 

I’m of the belief tournaments are not needed, fighters taking fights and promoters putting together fights based on matchups and not just lining pockets, will provide better fights and make more money for everyone involved. Once we get away from promotion companies not working with each other or boxers not taking fights because their friend is the champion, real matches will take place. 

Imagine if ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard never boxed Tomas Hearns because they had contracts on different networks, the world would have been cheated.  So instead of having tournaments, boxing could try the following:

•Erase some of the divisions.

•Erase some of the belts and federations.

•Make champions fight one of the top three fighters in their  weight class. 

This would remove so much red tape and there would be matches without the need of a gimmick to make guys fight each other. 

Now if we could just get a few more competent judges and referees, I know one thing at a time.


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