Boxing Why Make It So hard For Me To Defend You?

Boxing you did it again. About once every month I go Jekyll and Hyde and talk about how boxing saved itself by doing it the right way, only to come back later and say how they messed it up again. Well guess what? Boxing messed it up again.

No disrespect to Lamont Peterson (30-1-1) at all, he took it to the now former champion, Amir Khan (26-2), from the start. He hit him with a lot of hard blows which kept the fight close. Unfortunately for Khan, too close as he lost a split-decision 115-110 for Khan and 113-112 and 112-112 for Peterson.

What made this fight suspect was referee Joe Cooper taking two points away from Khan for pushing but no points away from Peterson for leading with his head. Cooper was not allowed to interview after the fight to give his side of the story. A story most would like to hear considering I can’t think of a time a fighter lost one, let alone two, points for pushing without being given a stern warning first.

Obviously this smells of a rematch. For Amir Khan, I’m sure two things will be different: The fight will not be in Washington D.C., the home of Lamont Peterson, and Joe Cooper will not be the referee.


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2 thoughts on “Boxing Why Make It So hard For Me To Defend You?”

  1. avatar Elizabeth Wilson says:

    What nationalality is referee Joe Cooper please and does he live in Washington D.C.?

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