Bruce Arians on Cardinals QBs: “I really don’t know who’s starting”

TEMPE, Ariz. — “According to Adam Schefter, Logan Thomas is starting. Yawl take it from there.”

That’s how Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians started his Friday meeting with the media following practice.

This whole situation with his quarterbacks has him perplexed.

“Honest to God, [it’s] the first time in 20 years I really don’t know who’s starting,” Arians said.

You can see where Arians is coming from. On Friday, all three of his quarterbacks were out on the field practicing and performing. For the first time in a while, Carson Palmer threw more than 10 or 15 yards. It was actually more like 40-45 yards and they were nice tight spirals he aired out.

Palmer is heading back to Denver, Colo., to meet with the same nerve specialist he got treatment from last weekend when the Cardinals were there. He got good results then, so Arians and the Cardinals are hoping for an even bigger leap in that nerve’s progression.

Stanton was out there as well. He didn’t throw as far as Palmer did, but the short tosses he made had decent zip on them. Arians says Stanton will continue the concussion protocol on Friday and see how he comes out of it.

Thomas went through his footwork drills and tosses as well and got his usual first team reps.

It may be a confusing situation for Arians, but he’s got supreme confidence in all three of his guys.

“I know whichever quarterback comes out, and is in the huddle, he’s gonna play a great game, there’s no doubt in my mind about that,” Arians said.

Arians noted that Palmer threw about 80-percent of his normal velocity on Friday, which is encouraging considering he was throwing about half that speed earlier in the week.

“He had some good velocity, lobbed some balls deep today,” Arians said. “He’ll get another treatment and get back.”

Arians says even though he has no idea who’ll line up under Lyle Sendlein on Sunday, he does know that the game plan won’t change at all, depending on who it is.

“We expect them all to do the same things, there’s nothing different in the game plan,” Arians said.

If it happens to be Thomas, Arians feels he’s seen enough from him this week to make that call.

“He got all his reps [and] I was very pleased with his progression this week,” Arians said. “I feel very comfortable if he’s starting.”

Then again, Arians would be comfortable having Palmer take his job back, providing all things workout well in Denver.

“Mentally, he’s very, very sharp and he stayed really on top of everything that way,” Arians said. “If you see, he’s always behind, dropping, taking steps, getting his reads, so he’s mentally getting every rep, it’s just the physical part of it.”

Even though it would be nice to have a quarterback set in stone, Arians says the decision can be drawn out until just before kickoff if need be, to ensure the right decision’s made and the right man is in place.





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