‘Business’ broke up Bour and Marlins

It was quite evident from the beginning that Justin Bour was not going to make it through the entire 2018 season in Miami Marlins uniform. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a surprise when it actually happened.

“[Trades are] something that you expect, because it is part of the game of baseball,” Bour said. “But, also, when it happens, it’s a little bit of like a, ‘Whoa’ moment. For me, after the initial ‘Whoa’ moment, I was very fortunate where the people in Philly were accommodating and welcoming of me, so it was an easy transition.”

Bour returned to Miami for the first time since being traded to the Phillies on Aug. 10 for pitching prospect McKenzie Mills. Bour appeared in 112 games with the Marlins this season, belting 19 home runs and driving in 54. He’s now a a left-handed power alternative to Phillies first baseman Carlos Santana.

“I never really asked to go,” Bour said. “I wanted to be part of that turnaround. I wanted to be part of Miami, but it’s a business. You understand it. For me, I still keep in touch with most of the guys, and check the box scores and see how everyone is doing. I know they’re grinding and playing hard every day.”

“J.B. has it absolutely right,” Marlins manager Don Mattingly said. “There is a business to it. I think you’re trying to use the crystal ball and look into the future, and see what type of player that you want. J.B. could have been a very good fit in four years or three years, whatever it is. But, right now, we’ve talked about being more athletic, being able to play with some speed and some pace. That’s not necessarily J.B.’s game. But, obviously, we know he’s a guy who is dangerous and we know can hit.”

It was business that was the cause the breakup between Bour and the Marlins. It didn’t have to be this way. When the Marlins where trading their best players to stock up the farm system for an organizational reboot, Bour easily could’ve demanded a trade like Christian Yelich and JT Realmuto. But he didn’t and spent the first four months of the season as their main source of power.

But the Marlins are looking for more athleticism across the diamond and that includes first base. Bour has simply become a dinosaur and while Derek Dietrich isn’t really a first baseman, he does fit the mold of who the Marlins are looking for in the near future.


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