Cardinals not worried about loss

One team, the Seattle Seahawks, came in to send a statement and the other, The Arizona Cardinals, may have spent the week reading about how good they are a little too much and that’s just what happened.

The Seahawks played like a team that represented the NFC in the Super Bowl the last two years and the Cardinals played like a team that was not quite at that level yet.

This was a game the Cardinals needed to win because they wanted to show the Seahawks that they cannot come to Phoenix and win. They were also trying to secure home filed throughout the playoffs.

The Carolina Panthers win relegated the Cardinals to the number two seed in the NFC during the playoffs.

Seattle on the other hand continue to send the message that they are back to playing high level of football. Or as their all world cornerback Richard Sherman said after the game, “Sometimes I think people forget who we are”.

Based on their experience, the chip on their shoulder and their ability to win in the playoffs, no one forgot who the Seahawks are because they might be the most dangerous team in the NFC playoffs and a team no one wants to play.

The Cardinals on the other hand may have done just what head coach Bruce Arians said and have been guilty of reading “the press clippings that were anointing us Super Bowl champs”.

If so, it was the perfect wake-up call. Getting beat at home by a rival 36 – 6 in the last game of the season is quite sobering.

The fact is this game was over at halftime when the Cardinals fell behind 30 – 6. The second half was nothing more than a formality.

For the Seahawks, Russell Wilson tossed three touchdowns and rookie kick returner and wider receiver Tyler Lockett put on a punt return clinic.

The Cardinals are not panicking. They understand this is one of 16 games and they this Sunday, according to Arians, “Got beaten in every phase of the game” and how this will serve as a “nice wakeup call”.

The Cardinals have a week of before their playoff game and the reality that they can be beat if they are not paying attention is very real.

This is one of the top teams in the NFL and one bad loss will not shake them. As Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer stated, “We’re not in any way panicking or freaking out”.


Part of this info from ESPN and AP


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