Derrick Rose…. The love never left

In 2009 Derrick Rose was the number one overall pick in the NBA by his hometown team the Chicago Bulls.

So beloved by the city and Bulls fans, that when he was introduced by the PA announcer before home games, it wasn’t “From the University of Memphis, Derrick Rose” instead it was “From Chicago, Derrick Rose.”

Rose resurrected Bulls basketball. When Michael Jordan retired, Scottie Pippen was traded and Phil Jackson and Dennis Rodman was not brought back, Bulls basketball hit rock bottom. And even though the baby Bulls, led by Ben Gordon did manage to get the Bulls back to the playoffs, it was Rose that electrified the city.

We all know that he went on to win Rookie of the Year in 2009 and two years later became the youngest player in NBA history to win the League MVP.

But then in 2012, everything changed. Rose tore his ACL in the closing minutes of a playoff game and the struggle back to form began.

After Rose came back from that injury, several more happened. He was subsequently traded to the New York Knicks in 2016, followed by a stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers signing as a free agent in 2017 before he was traded to the Utah Jazz in February 2018, where he was quickly waived.

In March 2018, things turned around from Rose. He signed by The Minnesota Timberwolves where he was reunited with his former head coach in Chicago, Tom Thibodeau and teammates Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson.

After an impressive end to the 2018 campaign, Rose resigned with the Timberwolves and Rose is now the leading contender for the Sixth-Man of the Year Award.

Now Rose takes care of every part of body and his game. He is now in tuned with his body and knows how to keep balance in his body. “When you wake up this quad is tighter than this quad, I have to get this quad worked on,” said Rose.

Rose knows how to protect one body part from injuring another. He not only takes treatment at the teams facility for his body but has the equipment himself to make sure he self treats at home.

With this constant work on his game and body, Rose found himself just missing out of starting for the 2019 All-Star game. When asked about the fans chanting “MVP”  he received when he returned to Chicago to play a game against the Bulls, he stated.

“I feel like I had that love everywhere even when I was going through my dark stages early on in my career with my injuries I still felt the love but it wasn’t the love I wanted at that time. I was overlooking the people that really loved me. It was about me taking a step back understanding everything and learning from my experiences.

It shows that I’m loved, that’s the one thing it shows.

Like I said when I was going through that dark time, one of the people putting the emphasis on it was my agent, but when you’re in it you’re kinda blind to it but he kept saying ‘Man it’s people pulling for it’s people pulling for you.’”

He went on, “Sometimes it takes a little time. Everybody has their own path and me sticking in there growing as a person and as a man it took me a little bit of time to see that. With everyone I think in this stage of my life and my career my life period its about me being more vocal.”

Rose talked more about knowing his body and his game.

“To be honest I feel like I’m better. I was reckless back then. Now I know the game. I mean just Look at my game know and When I played with the Bulls. It was a reckless game. Now lm more poised I’m more under control and when I do go to the basket I’m smarter my IQ is a lot higher I think I got the complete package now I can drive, I’m taken the shots they’re giving me and I’m shooting the hell, I’m shooting the ball pretty good right now. So I think I’m a better player. That’s just my opinion.”

He finished with, “Its greater later.”

NBA great and future Hall of Famer Dwayne Wade on fellow Chicagoan Derrick Rose recently said in an interview with Ashley Nevel, “I got an opportunity to be around him last year. He loves the game and will do anything to make sure he’s able to play this game f basketball. I tell me son go spend a day or two with Derrick Rose and see how he prepares his mind and his body to play the game. I thinks its great to see a guy come in with so much athleticism go through what he did and picks himself up.”

So through the hared work, the game is back, but most importantly, Rose sees the love never left.

Addtional info from Asley Nevel and the Minnesota Timberwolves


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