Diamondbacks Race to the Postseason


Diamondbacks Race To The Finish Line

Arizona is in the postseason race, but will they cross the finish line with accomplishment? The outcome remains as the Arizona Diamondbacks battle for a spot in the wild card in the second half of the season only a game behind the Milwaukee Brewers.

The team has potential to reach the postseason, but do they have what it takes to get there is the question? Arizona’s last postseason appearance came in 2017 and they have come short in their battle to return. The team has gone through some changes and challenges since, and you can say that its not over.

This team has suffered through several injuries and it has affected their long-term chances to secure enough wins to make the postseason. They have struggled with pitching and pitching depth throughout the entire season. Not finding a reliable fifth starter, has almost, at times, ruined this team.  

The Diamondbacks are a completely different team since the 2017 postseason, only a third of the team remains in the roster since their last postseason appearance. Arizona has jettisoned the “face of the franchise” and All-Star Paul Goldschmidt, Daniel Descalso, Patrick Corbin, Shelby Miller, Brad Ziegler, Chris Owings, AJ Pollock, J.D. Martinez, and Fernando Rodney. All were keys to their 2017 postseason run.  

As you review and come to reflect on the last couple of seasons, you can say that the team has gone through a “rebuilding” phase, without rebuilding. You still have David Peralta, Eduardo Escobar, Zack Greinke, Jake Lamb and Nick Ahmed.

The new additions of, Ketel Marte, Adam Jones, Jarrod Dyson and Tim Locastro, have all significantly contributed this season. They are all showing up, bringing in runs, getting on base and breaking franchise records.  These guys have formed a new team and new vibe in the clubhouse. You can feel the eagerness to win and the frustration when they come short.

The Diamondbacks are one of, if not, the best defensive team in the league again. Let’s not forget they were awarded for their defensiveness in the 2018 season.

The question is, do the Diamondbacks have the players that make a team a postseason run or is this a 500% team that is in a playoff race with a bunch of mediocre teams.

Defensiveness alone will not take a team to the post-season, they need to become more consistent on offense. In an era of launch angles, this team needs to hit for contact, move runners over and manufacture as many runs as possible until the pitching becomes more reliable.

With the trade deadline only 11 days away, the Diamondbacks will have to determine if they are buyers or sellers. Do they think this core of players can make a legitimate run in the post-season or if they are really just an average team that wants to stay put and plan for the future.


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