Drew Stanton wants “everybody on the same page”

TEMPE, Ariz. – Carson Palmer injured his knee last season against the St. Louis Rams, and a couple weeks later, Palmer’s backup, Drew Stanton injured his knee against the very same team.

The Rams’ defense is outstanding, but it’s really odd that the top two quarterbacks for the Arizona Cardinals both went down against the same team.

“I think that’s just coincidental. That was one of those dumb luck type of deals,” Stanton said. “A lot can be said of that defense, because it’s very good, but I think it was more of a coincidence than anything.”

Last season was a hectic one for Stanton and the Cardinals, with he and Palmer going down, along with countless other players. Stanton’s worked extremely hard during the offseason to get his knee back to 100 percent, and he feels he’s got it there.

“I feel great; back to normal, being able to do everything,” Stanton said. “My knee’s responded really well to everything. It’s a matter of going out there and testing it, and seeing how all the hard work’s going to pay off, the strength, and the conditioning, and the agility work, and all the footwork stuff that I’ve really been trying to focus on.”

One good thing about this offseason is that it gave Stanton a chance to watch some film on himself, and take a look at the things he did well, and the things he didn’t do so well. All that extra video time has done wonders for Stanton and his preparation for what’s going on now at training camp and what’s to come during the preseason and the regular season.

“The game’s slowing down for me, so it’s exciting for me from that standpoint,” Stanton said. “You’re selfish in the offseason getting ready, and now it comes full circle with you doing whatever you can to try and help this team prepare for the season. With that being said, these young guys, getting guys up to speed, and getting everybody on the same page is the main focus of this camp.”

Stanton can sense a high level of excitement surrounding the team, not only because they’re coming off an 11-win season and a playoff berth, but because of all the additions they’ve made through the NFL Draft and through free agency.

“We’re cognizant of what we need to work on; (there’s) a couple humps we need to get over, but at the same time, as a team, we feel good about what we accomplished in the spring, and hopefully carry that momentum over throughout this camp and onto the season.”

When it comes to the basics of the Cardinals’ offense, Stanton says he knows it as well as anybody, which does nobody on the team any good if he doesn’t help the younger players understand it too.

“It’s a matter of going out there, and relaying that to these younger guys,” Stanton said. “Most of these veterans have a good idea of what’s going on.”

With technology changing in and around the league, it’s easier for defensive coordinators to spotlight and game plan for specific players and specific offenses. Now more than ever, it’s important for Arians and assistant head coach/offense Tom Moore to keep things fresh in the offense, and keep defenses guessing.

“The way defenses are trying to attack people now, we have to change; we adapt to what’s going on. B.A.’s (Bruce Arians) constantly doing stuff,” Stanton said. “Our base offense stays the same idealistically, but at the same time, on a game plan week, we’re installing a whole bunch of new plays that nobody has any idea what’s going on.”


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