Eno Benjamin Mr. 300

How do you follow up a 104-yard rushing performance against a tough Washington Huskies defense? Simple, you run for 312-yards against Oregon State in the Arizona State Sun Devils Pac-12 conference home opener.

Sun Devils sophomore running back Eno Benjamin did just that in setting a new team record with those 312 rushing yards. Not only did Benjamin break the teams total rushing yards for a game, he set the record for most yards in a half when he ran for 170-yards in the first half.

Sun Devils head coach Herm Edwards along with Benjamin gave credit to the offensive line. “We relied on our running game and it came through for us.”

About Benjamin, coach Edwards said, “Good running backs have that instinct (making the defense miss) and that what he has. My concern with him was, a guy that hasn’t played a lot, can he carry it that many times? 30 times. Can he do that three weeks in a row? He can. He reminds me a lot of Curtis Martin about the same stature. Doesn’t look big, doesn’t look like he cant break tackles but he does. He can run inside for the tough yards. He can do everything a good back can do.”

Before the season started, Benjamin stated, “I like to run between the tackles. Looking at me you wouldn’t think that.”

Benjamin also gave a lot of credit to his running backs coach John Simon.

Benjamin said, “We knew we were going to be able to run the ball on them.” That may have been the understatement of the year and there 312- yards to prove why.


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