FBI hunt former NBA player

There’s an old saying that “Money just makes you more of what you are”. If you are a giving person, wealth and prestige usually makes you give more of yourself. Where it may have been time before, now it’s time and money. But if you had a short temper and was quick to fight or get angry, now you do it even more and feel your money could always be your way out of any trouble you get in.

With that said, maybe Gilbert Arenas should be lucky the altercation he had with former teammate Jarvis Crittenton did not lead to more than just both individuals brandishing their weapons. Both men allowed the heat of the moment to make a bad situation worse.

Unfortunately, it looks like Jarvis Crittenton did not learn from this and allowed a bad situation to become worse. Crittenton, who was robbed in April of his year, is being sought by the FBI in connection to a drive by shooting on August 19th, where Julian Jones, a 22 year old mother of four, was shot and murdered. It is believed that Crittenton spotted the individuals he believed was responsible for his robbery and opened fire from a black Chevrolet Tahoe, but the only person that was hit was the innocent Jones.

There is a warrant for Crittenton’s arrest and he has been charged with murder. If this all turns out to be true and Crittenton is convicted of murder, how sad is it that a once promising young life and career will be taken away because the 23 year old Crittenton, decided to take matters into his own hands instead of allowing the authorities to handle it. Now not only has he ruined his life, but if he is found guilty, he took the life of an innocent mother of four.

There is no bright light at the end of this story. It’s your constitutional right as an adult to own a gun, but it’s the right of everyone else, that you own your gun like an adult.


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