Fight Preview: Aldo vs Edgar

The last time Jose Aldo stepped into the Octagon, let’s just say it didn’t work out so well for him. It took all but 13 seconds for Conor McGregor to knock the Brazilian out.

Now, he’s looking to show the fight world that he’s still got it. Frankie Edgar looks to put him away for good.

In case you don’t know the story about Aldo, he went ten years without losing a fight until McGregor had something to say about it. He went 18-0 in that span.

A Muay Thai practitioner, BJJ Black Belt, and a Luta Livre black belt, Aldo is a beast. Luta Livre is a fighting style combining the techniques of catch wrestling and Judo. Aldo is also a great grappler. He was the 09′ fighter of the year and holds the record for the most consecutive title defenses in the UFC Featherweight division with seven.

These two fought in 2013, with Aldo winning via UD.

In that fight, it was Aldo’s cracking leg kicks that made the difference, so if Edgar is to win, he needs to be much better defensively. Aldo’s got good footwork and moves his head away from danger. His chin is vulnerable, though, as McGregor clearly demonstrated. A solid uppercut could do a lot of damage to Aldo, so Edgar should try to exploit that if he wants to win.

Aldo has great takedown defense, and on top of that, he’s great on the ground. So if Edgar does manage to take him down, it’ll be tough to have success there. Aldo holds the record for the most wins and knockouts in Featherweight history.

Aldo will have a two-inch reach advantage over Edgar.

Aldo came from nothing. He used to sleep on the mats in the MMA gyms. He’d come into the gym and trainers would have to ask him if he had anything to eat recently. He’s very humble. I like that in a fighter.

I love Frankie Edgar though. One of his monikers is the “Rocky Balboa of MMA”. So there’s instant love right there. I’m a huge Rocky fan.

Frankie is a Wrestler, a boxer, and is a BJJ black belt. He also practices Muay Thai. Edgar is a very tough fighter and doesn’t go out easily. In 2010 he scored an incredible upset over B.J. Penn to win the Lightweight Championship, so he’s got underdog blood in him, which I love.

Fun fact about Aldo, notice the scar on his face. Also notice his nickname, Scarface. Ha. The story here is that when he was an infant, he sister somehow dropped him onto a barbecue. Hence, the scar. I have no clue how someone drops another person onto a barbecue. I wasn’t the best older brother, but I never did anything like that.

The worst thing I did as a brother involved Legos. We had a narrow hallway that we all had to go through to¬†walk to our bedrooms, so one day I took a huge collection of Legos, noticing my brother was barefoot and spread them out over the hallway so he’d have no choice but to step on them to get back to his room. As any parent with a kid who owns Legos knows, it’s not pleasant stepping on one barefoot. He stepped on about 100. But, no, I never dropped him on a barbecue.

Granted, this is a very tough call. Aldo has to prove his loss to Conor hasn’t fazed him, and at 34 years old Edgar knows this is probably his last shot at glory.

I’ll root for anyone with a Rocky-inspired nickname. Though Rocky was around 5’10, 180 lbs and Edgar is four inches shorter and 35 pounds lighter. So maybe he’s more like the Frodo Baggins of MMA? I’m just kidding Frankie. Don’t hurt me if you’re reading this.

I predict this fight will go the distance. Five full rounds of competitive martial arts, hand-to-hand combat. I’m going to roll with Aldo via UD.


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