Fight Preview: Dos Anjos vs Alvarez

Fight fans, we are officially three days away from the biggest three-day fighting slate in UFC history. To kick things off, we have a great fight, pinning Lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos and #2 ranked pound for pound fighter in the world (according to Sherdog fight rankings), against Eddie Alvarez.

Alvarez is a former champ himself but in the Bellator organization. Which, in my opinion, is the UFC’s “younger brother”, but some people disagree. I just feel that the UFC is the number one fight organization in the world, and everything else comes second fiddle.

Regardless, I think this will be a TERRIFIC fight. Pundits are rolling with Dos Anjos. My gut tells me the same, BUT, don’t be surprised if Alvarez wins. Remember that I said that. Do NOT be surprised. Dos Anjos has not lost a fight since April of 2014, and that was against a terrific opponent in Khabib Nurmagamedov.

Dos Anjos is a beast, he’s got one of the best ground games in the UFC, and is a third-degree black belt in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). Dos Anjos is just one tough….um….”guy” is the word I’ll use. He grew up fighting on the streets, so he isn’t intimidated by anyone. He was telling Conor McGregor he was going to “be a tool in Jesus’ hand” and “show him the power of God.” Pretty intense right there. RDA will have a one-inch reach advantage over Alvarez.

Now, Alvarez is who I will be rooting for. For two reasons, 1) He’s from Philly, and I love Philly fighters, and 2) I’ve begun to love rooting for the underdog. Alvarez also a more diverse repertoire. He can box, kickbox, wrestle, and does BJJ. Eddie also has not lost since 2014, in September. But he also grew up, like RDA, in a tough neighborhood, and he’s scrappy, which I love from fighters. There’s just something about boxers from Philly that appeals to me. Perhaps the Rocky road they’ve been on.

Eddie is a 2x All-American boxer, and I think this will help him against RDA, who loves to attack in flurries.

Fun fact about RDA is that he has a titanium-fused jaw.

The funniest thing is that Alvarez was on this show called “Bully Beatdown,” maybe you’ve heard of it. What the show is, is, bullies are pinned against MMA fighters, and if they knock out the fighter(s), they get five grand. Immediately, a couple of things wrong here. If an MMA fighter gets KO’d by a schoolyard bully, they probably should quit immediately. And two…really? Really?

Now, yes, there is controversy because a lot of people think the show is fake and staged, which it probably is because the show is on MTV. However, it’s still a funny concept.

I think RDA will win, via decision, but at the same time, I am rooting for Eddie Alvarez.

Either way, fight fans, get ready. This should be fun.


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