Fight Previews: Cormier vs Silva, Lesnar vs Hunt, & Tate vs Nunes

Anderson Silva might just be the most decorated fighter in UFC history. Daniel Cormier is lucky to be fighting after Jon Jones was removed from the card after failing a drug test.

Silva will have a five-inch reach advantage.

Silva does it all. He is a terrific hitter. He’s accurate, he’s powerful, and he picks his punches with the precision of a neurosurgeon. Silva is an extraordinary Muay Thai fighter, and he is a great counter-puncher.

Silva can switch stances, and he’s got a better ground game than most people give him credit for.

Anderson “the Spider” Silva also holds several UFC records. Silva has knocked down a record 17 opponents, the most accurate striker in UFC history, longest win streak, 11 title fight wins, 10 title defenses, and a 3555-day reign as a champion.

Cormier is a BJJ Black Belt and an Olympic Wrestler. Before losing to Jon Jones, Cormier was 15-0. He won three state wrestling championships in high school.

DC has trained to fight the best fighter in the world. Now he gets to fight the best fighter of all-time, but one who is on the decline. Silva is 41-years-old, while Cormier is 37.

You’ve got to feel sorry for Daniel Cormier, but thank GOD they found this man a fight. As much as I have talked smack about Cormier as a Jon Jones fan, the guy is a real class act.

Daniel Cormier is one of the nicest and most humble individuals the sport has EVER seen. He’s a true warrior, and despite my admiration for Jones I have the utmost respect for him.

This fight is scheduled for three rounds. Silva admitted he has not trained in a while, so this one is simple. I’m rolling with Daniel Cormier, and being specific I would say 1st-round TKO.

Fight #2: Lesnar vs. Hunt

Brock Lesnar’s comeback announcement was met with much fanfare. I for one am very excited to see Lesnar back in the Octagon after a five-year hiatus.

Make no mistake; Lesnar is not just a WWE “fake wrestler” as so many people criticize the legitimacy of the WWE. This man was the 2011 UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Mark Hunt is a boxing and kickboxing guru with devastating knockout power.

Many people will criticize Hunt for his subpar record, but the fact remains, he has fought the best of the best, so he’ll be ready for Lesnar. Hunt fought Werdum, he fought Miocic, he fought Fedor, he fought Overeem; he fought my boy Josh Barnett; he’s got a great resume.

Hunt fought Werdum, he fought Miocic, he fought Fedor, he fought Overeem; he fought my boy Josh Barnett; he’s got a great resume.

Hunt started MMA training after getting into a fight outside of a nightclub where the bouncer was impressed with his KO skills and invited him to train at his gym.

Brock fought Cain Velasquez last in 2011 and was obliterated.

Lesnar will have a seven-inch reach advantage.

Lesnar is a BJJ Blue belt.

Fun fact, Lesnar almost played in the NFL. He was cut from the Vikings before the 04-05 season began. But, could you imagine? Seeing Brock Lesnar coming down the line of scrimmage? Scary thought.

This one is tough. I’ve got to go with Mark Hunt in this fight, but I sure will be rooting for Brock Lesnar.

More specifically, I think Hunt scores a TKO in the 2nd-round.


Fight #3: Miesha Tate vs. Amanda Nunes

Miesha Tate is on top of the world. She beat the woman who beat the woman. Not only that, regardless of whether Holly Holm had beat Ronda Rousey, Holly is a terrific fighter. Plus, of all the fighters besides Holly to face Ronda, Miesha was the closest to beating her.

Miesha has long been one of the most underappreciated, underrated, and overlooked women’s fighters. For so long she has lived in Ronda’s shadow. Now she has an opportunity to show the world she is for real.

Nunes will have a four-inch reach advantage.

I like Miesha a lot, and that doesn’t have to do with her good looks.

Miesha is a BJJ Purple belt. In addition to her UFC Bantamweight Title Belt, she won a Bantamweight Title Belt with Strikeforce in 2011.

Nunes is a BJJ Black Belt and a Judo Brown belt.

Miesha is one of the toughest fighters in the sport, men or women. She is a great wrestler, so her great ground game comes as no surprise. Tate won the state championship as a wrestler in her senior year in High School in 05′. She’s also got great takedown ability.

Even Ronda said Miesha is an incredible fighter, so you know she’s for real.

Nunes comes into this fight with a low-profile, but she could really shake things up with a win over Miesha.

So, my prediction for this fight is Miesha Tate. I think Miesha wins.

To be specific, a KO by Miesha Tate in the 4th round to retain the Bantamweight title.

(*) Quick note, I just want to voice my disdain and sorrow for Johnny Hendricks. He missed weight by 0.25 lbs and now has to donate 20% of his fight purse to his opponent. 0.25 lbs. Crazy. He’ll be fighting Kevin Gastelum.


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