Goldschmidt to the Rescue!

The Diamondbacks welcomed their NL West rival San Francisco Giants to Phoenix on Friday night for game 1 of a short three game homestand before heading back on the road. Things were looking bleak for the Dbacks, but that’s when I looked in the sky and saw something. Was it a bird? Was it a plane? No, it was a baseball…hit a mile by Goldy.

The night started as a pitcher’s duel between breakout star Patrick Corbin for Arizona going up against San Fran’s current ace in Matt Cain. Corbin at 9-0 was in line to be possibly be the MLB’s first 10 game winner with a victory, but the Giants could not afford to fall behind any further in the race for the NL West.

Both pitchers gave up a few hits early, but they kept themeselves out of trouble and kept batters baffeled for most of the night with a nice mix of pitches and velocity. The Dbacks couldn’t get anything going against Cain, and Corbin kept the Giants offense quiet until the 7th. After a pair of singles by Sandoval and Brandon Belt, a sac fly by Arias and a Gregor Blanco single scored Sandoval. The Giants took the lead 1-0 and ended Patrick Corbin’s otherwise masterful night. Cobin pitched 7 1/3 innings, giving up 7 hits and 1 earned run and receiving no run support.

Cain was replaced in the bottom of the 8th by Jeremy Affeldt, which the Dbacks couldn’t have been happier about. Cain pitched 7 innings, and gave up no runs on the 4 hits he allowed. And that’s when the Dbacks put up the GOLDY signal. A.J. Pollock leadoff the 8th inning with a single, which ended Cain’s night.

After two outs, Bloomquist walked, which brought Paul “Bunyan” Goldschmidt to the plate. Even after a 0-3 night with two double plays and a strikeout, Goldschmidt did what he did best. Goldy SMASHED. He sent a towering home run shot into the bleachers and gave the Dbacks the lead 3-1. Heath Bell then came on in the top of the 9th and closed the night out. The Dbacks win game 1 of the series.

When Dbacks starter Patrick Corbin was asked what he would have done had he been pitching to Goldschmidt in that same situation, his answer was simple “I would have put him on with 4 straight balls.” Diamondbacks and Giants get together for game 2 on Saturday.


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