Holm loses to Shevchenko

Holly Hom defeats Ronda Rousey, wins the belt. Holm fights Miesha Tate and loses said belt. Holm fights Valentina Shevchenko, wins..no..loses? Loses.

Is Holly Holm a one-fight wonder? A flash in the pan? Perhaps.

Holly Holm fought not to lose. She did not fight to win. The first round belonged to her, but after that, Shevchenko dominated the fight.

I won’t lie. The fight was underwhelming, boring. Not what you come to expect from a main event fight, nonetheless an event starring the woman who beat Ronda Rousey. The woman who KNOCKED OUT Ronda Rousey. And she can’t even beat Shevchenko?

I know the question that is going through your head. Now what? Right?

For who? Ronda? Still recovering from a knee scope and doing her movie thing. Cris “Cyborg” Justino called her out to fight at MSG on UFC 205, but Ronda has expressed she has no respect for Cyborg. Many people believe, including Ronda, that Cyborg is “all muscle.” I believe she is on PEDs.

What? Oh, don’t act all surprised. Would that really shock you? Considering the fact that Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar were both popped for estrogen blockers? Yeah, I’m sure we all saw that one coming.

By the way, are you kidding? Estrogen blockers?

If I am Ronda, I’ve got two objectives: beating Holly Holm and getting the belt back. These are things I believe she can do rather easily, because as I’ve watched Holly in her past two fights, I now wonder if she just got lucky against Ronda.

I spoke with some fight fans earlier, and they said Dana confirmed Rousey would be fighting for the belt when she chose to return. That is incorrect. Dana said she has a title shot whenever she wants to return. Meaning, she will have the option of fighting for the belt or fighting for revenge.

Which of those she chooses is a mystery. I’d like to think it’d be a rematch with Holly, but you just never know when it comes to the fight game.

I apologize for the short article, but I’ll be back next week for UFC 201 when Robbie Lawler fights Tyron Woodley for the Welterweight belt. Believe me, there will be tons of excitement there. After all, Lawler is one of the most spectacular, aggressive fighters in the world.





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