As World Series celebration shows, Instagram and baseball a perfect union

The Boston Red Sox defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the World Series and everyone who follows J.D. Martinez  on Instagram got to see the locker room celebration.

It was like being in the clubhouse watching your teammates spray each other with booze from gold bottles and red cans, so long as the iPhone camera isn’t shaky. Brock Holt’s Instagram story showed him singing country karaoke along side Eduardo Rodriguez holding a speaker soaked in Budweiser.

You also got to see the Red Sox championship clubhouse celebration from the vantage point of the reporters covering the event, until their shooed away by Chris Sale.

This whole season was a great showing of the union between baseball and Instagram. Like how Twitter is the ideal app for the NBA, baseball players use Instagram to show followers an inside look into their life like never seen before.

“I just think it’s kind of the go-to for everyone right now,” Miami Marlins shortstop JT Riddle said.

The biggest reason why Instagram is ideally intertwined with baseball is because baseball players are the class of professional athletes that are the closest to the regular fan. It’s the one sport where every body type can play the same game, so long as they can hit a mid-90s fastball with movement. Every player on that Red Sox team that won the championship who had to spend years in the minor leagues making no more than the manager at their local fast food joint.

As the guy who shoots most of the baseball photos you see on The Sports Kave, it’s always an honor to see the players post them on their Instagram profiles.

If you followed a player in the minor leagues, you got to see their journey up the organizational ladder and eventually into the Major Leagues. It makes their rise to the big leagues all the more special.   

“You definitely get more insight on everybody’s lifestyle,” St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Tyler O’Neil said.

Before Instagram, only players and members of the media saw what went down in an MLB clubhouse. Now it is all out in the open to those who are willing to contribute to their list of followers and sometimes in funny ways, if you follow accounts like Carlos Gomez’s or Tim Dillard, who has carved out a brand of his own in the minor leagues with dubbed sketches.   

The Miami Marlins were an interesting follow on Instagram to see the evolution of some of their young players. The Marlins used more rookies than any other team in baseball and Instagram was the venue for them to showcase their transition from boy to man through fatherhood and marriage. Trevor Richards and Austin Dean showed photos of their engagement on Instagram and many other players throughout baseball, from Riddle to Holt, have used their stories as the new home videos showing their babies at their most precious moments.

“I want them to feel that connection, Marlins infielder Miguel Rojas said. “The players are not just that guy that they see there at 7 p.m. when the game starts. We are human beings and we do stuff like regular people.”

The season may be over but the players are still worth following during the offseason.


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