Jake Lamb: All Star Profile

PHOENIX—Jake Lamb was selected to his first All-Star Game. He’s been a key reason why Arizona is playing so well. We already knew Goldy would ball out. It’s guys like Lamb and Robbie Ray who have made giant leaps this season. Here is how Lamb ranks in the Majors.

Lamb is third in the NL among third baseman in OBP and OPS. Lamb is second in the Majors with 65 RBI, behind his teammate and fellow All-Star Paul Goldschmidt. He is also tied with Nolan Arenado for first among NL third baseman with 52 runs scored. Lamb is on pace for a career-high in home runs, RBI, Batting Average, OBP,  SLG, and OPS.

Lamb is walking more than he ever has, and it’s getting him on base more. Meaning, he gets on base more, he scores more runs. Runs equal wins. Last year Lamb walked 64 times in 594 plate appearances. If he had the same number of plate appearances this year, he’s on track to rack up an extra 13 walks. That translates to runs, which probably translates to at least one or two additional wins, seeing how many close games the D-Backs have been in this season. Even if it only translated to one win, in a tight division race in the NL West that we are witnessing, one win could determine everything.

Lamb is averaging more walks per strikeout than he ever has before. Lamb is also exhibiting much better plate discipline than in previous seasons. He’s swinging at fewer pitches outside the zone, and he’s swinging less in general. Basically what Lamb said to himself is, “Ok, I can keep swinging for the fences, rack up a couple more homers but strike out a lot more, and fly out a lot more. Or I can take a base, and not get the fanfare of the home run but I can help the team score more runs this way.” It’s a trade, more or less. Swinging less, more walks, more runs, more wins. Full circle. He’s even more efficient than he ever has been. When he does swing the bat, he’s making contact at a higher percentage than he ever has and his swinging strike percentage is at an all-time low.

You’d better get used to hearing the name Jake Lamb because he is here to stay.

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