Jedrzejczyk defeats Gadelha

This was a great fight, up until the fourth round.

Claudia Gadelha came out on top in the first two rounds, taking the champ down to the ground.

The first punch of the fight connected for Claudia and had Joanna on the fence. She tried for a choke but couldn’t do it.

Gadelha then tossed Joanna to the mat once again, and then it looked like Joanna poked Claudia in the eye.

The second round was more of the same, with Gadelha again pushing Joanna into the fence.

In the third round, Gadelha again connects with a left to Joanna and takes her down to the ground. This is where it became visible that Gadelha was tired. Joanna sees this and starts to connect with some combinations until Gadelha takes her down again. Though, it wouldn’t last long as Joanna would manage to get back up quickly.

Joanna then fires a couple of shots and stuffs Gadelha’s takedown attempt.

Round 4 is where it got bad for Claudia. At this point, she was clearly gassed, and Joanna was looking very fresh, moving fluidly, dancing on her toes. Claudia had virtually zero offensive strikes in the fourth round, just playing keep away from Joanna the whole time. However, she wasn’t doing a very good job at it.

In the fifth and final round, Claudia runs at Joanna but gets stopped by punches from the champion. She tries for another takedown after getting hit by a couple of hard rights, but Joanna, fresh and fluid, dodges it. She then bloodies up Gadelha’s nose. Gadelha continues, clearly exhausted, and just continues to eat punch after punch. Another takedown is blocked, and more punches from the champion.

It was a unanimous decision victory for Joanna¬†Jedrzejczyk. A good fight from Claudia but her cardio and conditioning simply left a lot to be desired. In this fight game, I feel cardio and conditioning is paramount. It’s why Conor lost to Diaz. And it’s why Claudia lost to Joanna.


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