Josh Rosen sits out the Cactus Bowl

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As expected, Josh Rosen did not play in the 29th annual Cactus Bowl. Rosen who was still under the concussion protocol was out for warmups but did not dress for the game.

When asked at the press conference a couple of days before the Cactus Bowl, how do you keep your future out of your mind? Rosen responded, “It’s not a matter of keeping it out it’s a not letting it in to start.”

He went on to say how much he loved these guys (his teammates), but let’s be honest and true, this is not the college playoffs or even a larger bowl like the Fiesta Bowl.

As much as the UCLA faithful would like to see Rosen dress one more time for one more game it would be very risky to the stage of his career to play.

Rosen, who could be the first overall draft pick in the NFL, is being careful not to jeopardize his future.


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