Lopes Snap 2 Game Losing Streak with Win over Kansas City

The GCU Lopes were more than happy to come home and play their first game at the arena since January 10th. After two losses in a row, it was time for some good home cooking (or cafeteria food) and to a crowd that deserves as much applause as the team. Dan Majerle said “It was good to be back. We’re a passionate team. The boys took the loss at Texas Pan Am hard.” Which is understandable since it was a valiant fought 72-73 loss. Craving a win, the home atmosphere was charged as the starting lineup of DeWayne Russell #0, Joshua Braun #2, Kerwin Smith #13, Jerome Garrison #21, and Royce Woolridge #22 took the court.

Nobody in the arena sits until the Lopes score and thankfully, they didn’t leave everyone on their feet for too long. Braun 3-pointer as well as a steal in the first minute made it clear he was going to have a hot night. So hot, that he led the team with 20 points. Daniel Alexander #12 entered the game at 14:41. The dynamic duo, Alexander and Braun fed off each other. Alexander’s 3-pointer that bounced around the rim had everyone holding their breath making the room quiet enough for the ball to slip through the net to echo through the arena. Cheers erupted as he is definitely one of the crowd’s favorites.

Marjerle said after the game that he thought it was one of their best games. They had everything going for them between the 40 rebounds, 9 3-pointers, 21-30 free throws, and one pretty awesome dunk by Alexander. Going into the 2nd half, the Lopes were up 43-23 with Braun scoring 14 and Alexander with 12.

The Lopes have a habit of winning games they have a halftime lead and this shows with a 9-2 record when that happens. That lead helped because their offense became stagnant in the second half as they scored a large number of points from the free throw line.

The GCU fans, decked out in red, white, and blue for USA night, loved this as they were yelling “Lopes up!” with hands in the air every time one of the players stepped to the line.

It was a good game all around. The crowd came for a good game and that’s just what they got.

With the win, the Lopes moved to 3-2 in the WAC and 12-10 overall.

It was only fitting, that as Woolridge dribbled the clock out, that that the happy home crowd chanted “We are Canyon”. And in the spirit of the themed evening, God bless America and God bless Joshua Braun.


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