Marlins may send an All-Star Sooner than later

The Miami Marlins season has been defined by a dogfight with the New York Mets to stave off the dishonor of being in last place of the National League East.

But if there is one thing to be optimistic about this team it’s the development catcher JT Realmuto and rightfielder/third baseman Brian Anderson.

Not only are they two of the Marlins’ top players, but they also grew up in the Sooner State. Anderson lived in Edmond, a town north of Oklahoma City and Realmuto is from the east side in Del City.

Both Okies have crafted statistical seasons worthy of the MLB All-Star Game. Realmuto has claimed the fifth spot of the NL voting with 818,925 votes. He’s closing in on Cardinals veteran Yadier Molina, who is fourth with 913,149 votes but is behind leading vote getter Buster Posey of the Giants, who has 1,384,631 votes.

Realmuto is batting .311 with a .918 OPS, 11 home runs and 36 RBI. The Marlins are 9-0 whenever he takes the ball deep.

“He deserves it,” Marlins manager Don Mattingly said of Realmuto. “He’s a great player. I don’t know how else to say it. People just don’t know it yet, or maybe they do. They’re starting to, I guess.”

Meanwhile Anderson is topping the NL rookie chart in wins above replacement, according to both FanGraphs and Baseball-Reference. Going into Tuesday, the 25 year old posted a .285/.361/.406 slash line in his first full season in the majors.

“He has a good feel for the strike zone, uses the whole field and he’s got pretty good mechanics,” Mattingly said. “It allows him to hit a lot of different styles of pitchers. He’s a guy that’s had a good approach. He walks up there every at-bat with some type of game plan.”

Anderson was originally a third baseman but shifted to right field when Martin Prado returned to the Marlins lineup. However, because of his rocket arm, Anderson remained in right field even after Prado got hurt again.

There might be a few NL third basemen or outfielders that get selected before Anderson but he is someone for NL manager Dave Roberts to consider.


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