Mayfield vs. Serrano and the Chaos!!!

Raymond ‘Tito’ Serrano (18 – 1) suffered a technical knockout in the fifth round by Karim Mayfield (16 – 0 – 2).

Mayfield connected with a devastating right hand at the end of the fourth round that hit Serrano right on the jaw, but that’s not the story.

When Serrano went to his corner chaos ensued. One corner man was ready to stop the fight but Serrano’s dad wanted the fight to continue. It escalated to the point where Serrano’s dad was cursing and pointing at the other people working in his son’s corner.

This was bad for several reasons, the most important being, no one tended to Tito Serrano. No one brought him a stool or applied ice or anything to his head.

Serrano came out for the fifth round and only lasted 45 more seconds before the fight was stopped.

Serrano, who received terrible corner attention after a knockdown, didn’t stand a chance and the referee did the right thing by stopping the fight.

Thanks to ESPN for information


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