Miami Beach native Trent Bryan braves the cold to play at Harvard

For the southern, coastal part of the country, the college baseball season is a four-month long early extension of summer. For players in the east coast, or any other northern part of the country, spring barely even shows.

“I’m still not used to this weather,” Harvard outfielder Trent Bryan said. 

Bryan came to Harvard from Miami Beach High School, a place with only two seasons, summer and less summer. It didn’t take long for Bryan to realize that Miami and Cambridge are at polar opposites when it comes to weather.

“The fall’s not too bad,” Bryan said. “Especially on campus, it’s a really beautiful time before it gets cold. Then when you come back for spring semester, it’s cold.

“I definitely learned from last year that it helps being layered up. I wear a thermal, I wear a pullover under my jersey, just to kind of retain some heat. It’s hard to get used to it. Baseball is meant to be played in Miami weather, not necessarily cold weather.”

While staring for Miami Beach HS, Bryan never had to layer up while leading the country in triples as a senior while earning 2015 All-District selection and Second team All-County honors. That became one of the obstacles of getting used to playing in a new environment as a freshman for the Crimson.

“Last year, it was uncomfortable,” Bryan said, “because I never really played with long sleeves compressed against my skin or like tights or anything like that. You kind of lose that fast reaction in your hands and naturally throughout your body. So it’s something you had to get used to.”

Bryan played shortstop at high school but was instantly converted to left fielder at Harvard. He started every game since. This year, he drove in 16 runs each year while improving his batting average from .216 to .255. One of the joys of playing right field for the Crimson is playing in the Beanpot Championship at Fenway Park and being in front of the Green Monster.

Not even the rain that ended the Crimson’s game against Boston College in five innings could ruin the experience. Bryan also played a game at Marlins Park but that is simply an apples and oranges comparison. Even more so when comparing Fenway Park to home games at Harvard or any other minor league field.

“It’s obviously different because it’s a different perspective,” Bryan said. “It’s not just like you’re playing a sandlot game, which is how a lot of our games feel. It’s not like a stadium feel. We played (the Florida Gators) last year and it was a stadium feel. You could feel the vibe, comparing to just playing on a field like we do. So it is definitely a distinct feeling. I wont say it is necessarily getting used to it, but it’s just kind of being able to soak that up and experiencing it. It’s not a different game but it feels like it. You’re surrounded by a different kind of feeling.”

As Bryan continues to improve and becomes more comfortable with the weather, a breakout junior season maybe over the horizon.


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