Miguel Rojas’ 10th homer leads Marlins past Yankees

Miguel Rojas’ family don’t always attend game at Marlins Park, but when they do, good things happen to him and the Marlins. 

With his mother, grandmother and sister sitting amongst the crowd of rowdy Yankee fans, Rojas hit his 10th home run of the season to put Miami over the top and defeat New York 9-3 on Wednesday.

“That makes it pretty special,” Rojas said. “All they did for me growing up in Venezuela, I remember those times. They don’t spend that much time with me in the states but when they come here I always play with a little more intensity because I want them to enjoy the time here.”

Rojas parents were in attendance the day he hit his only home run of the 2016 season. While 10 home runs may not be much for the star sluggers of today, it’s monumental for the veteran shortstop who entered the season with only one home run in each of his previous four seasons.  

“I’m pretty happy about getting to 10 home runs for the first time in my career and every level of my life,” Rojas said, “but, I mean, it doesn’t mean anything if we didn’t get the win.”

When asked about how he hit 10 home runs for the first time this season, Marlins manager was surprised it was 11 like he thought.

“He had seven quick, so he’s kind of been Miggy-ish after that,” Mattingly said. “He’s probably at that point in his career where he’s gotten more comfortable with his swing.”

It was Rojas’ return to the starting lineup. After hurting his ankle in Atlanta in August 13, Rojas was antsy to getting back onto the field and avoid a stint on the disabled list. 

“I really wanted to get back there because I know the season is almost over and having a season I can continue to improve hitting wise and helping this team win,” Rojas said. “This is not a time to take it easy because you’re not feeling 100 percent. This is a time where you go out there and play your hardest and if you need rehab or whatever, you do it after the season.”

With the win, the Marlins and Yankees are tied 17-17 in the all-time series. 


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