MMA Pound for Pound Rankings

  1. Anderson Silva, UFC middleweight champion.  The gold standard of MMA.  It will be hard to dethrone Silva from this spot until he actually loses a fight.  Japanese star Yushin Okami is up next for Silva at UFC 134.  Okami won their first fight back in 2006, when Silva threw an illegal kick on a downed opponent.  Silva felt the fact that Okami opted for DQ instead of continuing to fight was “cowardly” and you can bet that Anderson is going to make the most of this opportunity for revenge.
  2. Georges St. Pierre, UFC welterweight champion.  GSP has a tough test in his next fight against Nick Diaz at UFC 137 in October.  The welterweight champ is on a nine fight win streak but, stylistically, this should be one of St-Pierre’s toughest challenges.
  3. Jose Aldo, UFC featherweight champion.  Aldo is the owner of a 12 fight win streak and faces Kenny Florian next at UFC 136.  This should be interesting as other than Urijah Faber, this may be the most skilled fighter that Aldo has faced.
  4. Cain Velasquez, UFC heavyweight champion.  The champ is still on the mend from a torn rotator cuff suffered at UFC 121 against Brock Lesnar, but he is targeting a bout against #1 contender, Junior Dos Santos in November.
  5. Jon Jones, UFC light heavyweight champion.  The meteoric rise of Jonny “Bones” Jones continues, but this UFC LH champ faces another former UFC LH champ. This time it’s against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.  The trash talking and fun has already started between the two and it should be an exciting fight at UFC 135.
  6. Gilbert Melendez, Strikeforce lightweight champion.  With the future of Strikeforce up in the air and no scheduled match in sight, Gil is left waiting in limbo.  If he is able to come over to the UFC, watch out for this lightweight juggernaut.
  7. Dominick Cruz, UFC bantamweight champion.  After a tough fight with Urijah Faber, Cruz quickly returns to the cage against a man called “Mighty Mouse”, Demetrius Johnson on Oct. 1st.
  8. Frankie Edgar, UFC lightweight champion.  It seems like Edgar has been fighting Grey Maynard forever, but they finally (hopefully) settle the score once and for all at UFC 136.  The lightweight division is jammed packed and whoever wins this fight will have a plethora of opponents nipping at their heels.
  9. Nick Diaz, UFC.  After a successful tenure in Strikeforce, the charismatic Cesar Gracie black belt comes back to the UFC with an immediate title shot against GSP.  As long as he can “play the game” as UFC president Dana White says, Diaz should be able to call the UFC home for a while.
  10. Rashad Evans, UFC.  Rashad “2.0”, as he puts it, looked incredible in his last fight against Tito Ortiz.  If Evans continues to fight like this, he might be able to get the LW belt back that he once had.  He awaits the winner for the Jon Jones/Rampage Jackson fight. 


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9 thoughts on “MMA Pound for Pound Rankings”

  1. avatar Smuss says:

    It’ll be interesting to see where you place Diaz after he beats GSP in Oct. Does he jump to #2?

  2. avatar J. Vinson says:

    If, and it’s a big IF … if Diaz beats GSP, I don’t think he’ll jump directly to #2 overall, but definitley in the top five because he will still have to rank against Silva, Aldo, Cain and Jon Jones (permitted Bones wins his fight againt Rampage).

    • avatar T.Kline says:

      I don’t think Diaz should be in the top ten even with a win over GSP. I can’t put him above Dos Santos, Fitch ,Maynard, Guillard or Machida just to name a few. Diaz hasn’t fought anyone lately but I do think he matches up well against GSP. The fight should go 5 rounds with GSP winning a unanimous decision.

      • avatar Smuss says:

        Fitch “I’ll dry hump you to decision”, he doesn’t even reach top ten in his own division or finished a fight since 2007. Who has Dos Santos beat to consider him 10 ten, Roy Nelson? The key to beat Roy is make it past the 1st round and he’s done.Plus he has only been able to get decisions over possible top 10 heavyweights. Diaz has beat his last opponents at their own game. Paul Daley was out struck and TKO’d. Santos, black belt bjj, was submitted. KJ Noons, has boxed professionaly was out struck. And if he doesn’t matchup well with GSP, why would it go to a 5 round decision? Diaz comes in to finish fights, not just win.

        • avatar T.Kline says:

          I don’t think Do Santos is necessarily a top ten fighter. I would just rank him higher than Diaz as I would several other fighters. Maybe if Diaz most impressive wins were not over Noons and Daley but instead Alves, Koscheck or John ” Dry Hump ” Fitch I could see giving him a top ten ranking. I do think he matches up well against GSP but I don’t see him finishing GSP and we already know GSP has a hard time finishing anyone.

          • avatar Smuss says:

            I can respect that, cept GSP beating him, lol. It would be great if GSP would finish someone.

  3. avatar JonJon Escobedo says:

    Cant wait for GSP vs Diaz, I think going to be a great fight! Already got my room booked and just waiting for pre-sale tickets to go on sale cant miss this one LIVE and in person!!

    • avatar J. Vinson says:

      I hate you … ha ha. That’s gonna be a crazy card and well, there’s Vegas also!!! Gotta let us know how it was and post some pics if take them. By the way, I’m sensing a Nick Diaz upset. Who you got?

  4. Wonderful views on that!

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