Paul Goldschmidt: All Star Profile

PHOENIX— Paul Goldschmidt. He’s one of the classiest guys out there. One hell of a baseball player. Humble. Talented. A quiet leader. He’s the Tim Duncan of baseball if you ask me. Goldy has been elected to the All-Star game yet again, deservingly so. Here are Goldy’s NL ranks.

Goldy ranks third among first baseman in the Majors in batting average and home runs. He ranks first in the NL in RBI, OBP, and WAR. Goldy also leads ALL first baseman in the Major with 13 stolen bases.

So, as you can see, he’s an animal. Goldschmidt has posted his lowest K rate of his career this year. It’s equivalent to 15 fewer strikeouts, and being a .300 hitter, that means around five extra hits. He’s reaching base this year at a higher clip than he ever has before. His isolated power is at a career high. ISO basically measures extra-base hits. His slugging percentage is at a career-high. His wOBA is at a career high. He’s on pace to hit more homers than he ever has before, more RBI than he has before. He’s averaging more walks per strikeout than ever before.

Goldy is making hard contact on 48% of pitches this season, a career high. He’s swinging at more pitches inside the zone than he ever has. He’s on a five yr 32 Million dollar contract and remains one of the most underappreciated players in baseball.

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