Penn State prepared Mike Gesicki for the NFL

Playing his college ball at Penn State prepared Miami Dolphins rookie tight end Mike Gesicki for the NFL atmosphere. 

Playing home games at Happy Valley and road games like at Ohio State or Michigan had him go into New York and New England unfazed by the hostile crowd.

“People talked about the sound and how loud it was gonna be in an away stadium and all that kind of stuff,” Gesicki said. “I think playing in big time college football and playing in big stadiums, you’re exposed to big games and you’re used to that kind of stuff.”

The biggest difference between college football and the NFL for Gesicki have been the coaches. 

“It just all depends on the scheme and how they want you to play,” Gesicki said. At Penn State we ran a different scheme so we were coached differently but out here, high level, best of the best coaches, they’re giving you input and knowledge each and every day. They’ve been around the game forever. I think either way the coaches and the levels are really high.” 

With the injury to starting tight end A.J. Derby, Gesicki has been given a larger role in head coach Adam Gase’s offense. Before that he has been mainly a blocking tight end who was learning from Derby. 

“He’s been great for us,” Gesicki said. “He’s a guy that’s been in the league, it’s year four for him so he’s been in a couple different systems, seen a bunch of different stuff. He’s a guy that (other tight end) and I can lean on.”

Gesicki caught three passes for 31 yards in a win against the Oakland Raiders. As he gets more comfortable with the offense and working with quarterback Ryan Tannehill, the targets and catches should only increase. 

“He’s really easy to work with,” Gesicki said. “He’s a great leader for our offense, a great leader for our team. A really efficient quarterback, as you’ve seen throughout the beginning of this year and his career. He’s been a really great guy to be able to learn from and he’s been patient with me and I really appreciate it.”


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