Pick against the Kave’s Week 11 Pick ’em 2012

Things returned to normal this week as the Kave evened the score with A. Reed going 8-5-1/7-6-1. This week it’s the rubber match, we break the tie.… It’s on. Here we go:



Season:             Kave: 68 – 44 – 1        Guest: 64 – 48 – 1



Thursday November 15, 2012



Miami vs. Buffalo:                                      SportsKave – Buffalo  A. Reed – Miami



Sunday November 18, 2012



Arizona vs. Atlanta:                                     SportsKave – Atlanta   A. Reed – Atlanta

Cleveland vs. Dallas:                                  SportsKave – Dallas   A. Reed – Dallas

Green Bay vs. Detroit:                                SportsKave – Green Bay      A. Reed – Green Bay

Cincinnati vs. Kansas City:                         SportsKave – Kansas City    A. Reed – Cincinnati

NY Jets vs. St. Louis:                                  SportsKave– St. Louis   A. Reed – NY Jets

Philadelphia vs. Washington:                      SportsKave – Washington    A. Reed – Washington

Tampa Bay vs. Carolina:                             SportsKave – Tampa Bay       A. Reed – Tampa Bay

Jacksonville vs. Houston:                            SportsKave – Houston    A. Reed – Houston

New Orleans vs. Oakland:                           SportsKave – New Orleans     A. Reed – New Orleans

San Diego vs. Denver:                                 SportsKave – Denver     A. Reed – Denver

Indianapolis vs. New England:                    SportsKave– New England    A. Reed – New England

Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh:                             SportsKave – Baltimore    A. Reed – Pittsburgh



Monday November 19, 2012


Chicago vs. San Francisco:                          SportsKave – San Francisco  A. Reed – San Francisco


BYE: Tennessee, Minnesota, NY Giants, Seattle


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