Road Most Traveled Podcast: Rocky Mountain Vibes catcher Griffin Barnes

Tony Capobianco returns to the Sports Kave with a brand new podcast covering minor league baseball and the what the players go through during their journey to the big leagues.

Griffin Barnes played college ball at Grand Canyon University and helped the Lopes win back-to-back WAC championships. He signed with the Los Angeles Angels as an undrafted free agent and played the 2018 short season with the Orem Owls of the Pioneer League.

He signed on to play with the Mexican Baseball League’s Acereros de Monclova this spring but shortly a deal was struck with the Rocky Mountain Vibes and he makes his return to the Pioneer League.

Barnes is also the younger brother of Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes. In the podcast, Barnes talks about the difference between his first and current stint in the Pioneer League, how the league is different now that is it an independent partner league and fun travel stories.

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