Ryan Lindley ready to contribute in any way possible for Cardinals

TEMPE, Ariz. – It’s funny the roads that life takes you on each and every day.

Just ask Ryan Lindley.

It just so happened that the San Diego Chargers had a bye last week, so Lindley and his wife decided to come to Arizona for the weekend, unaware of what was about to transpire for them over the next few days.

Lindley and his wife watched the Cardinals game and saw what happened to quarterback Carson Palmer, when he tore the ACL in his left knee.

“I was just hoping the best for him [Palmer],” Lindley said.

Beyond that, Lindley thought nothing of it and drove back to San Diego, Calif., on Monday to return to the Chargers practice squad.

Lo and behold, Lindley got the call from the Cardinals. They told him they wanted him back, and the rest is history.

Lindley’s wife told him to “hurry home,” and that’s exactly what he did.

“I hopped in the car, packed up everything I had over there and made the drive out once I knew everything was going down, so I was excited,” Lindley said.

Lindley is back in a familiar place with the Cardinals. Even though he was out with the Chargers since late August, things to him really haven’t changed that much scheme wise with Arizona.

“There’s little things, there’s little things every year you change during the year and figure out what you’re doing,” Lindley said. “It’s also kind of week-to-week game plan stuff, so there’s stuff [like] I was looking at the game plan last night and I really had no clue and I come to find out that it’s brand new, so it’s good to know.”

Lindley is happy to be back with the Cardinals and under a system he feels he can thrive in and make an impact in.

“It’s an awesome system, I’m excited to be back into it,” Lindley said. “We’ll see as we go just how we pick it up and how I can help out Logan [Thomas] and Drew [Stanton] with what they’re doing.”

Lindley says it was a difficult decision to make, coming back to the Cardinals, being that he was already with the Chargers and making inroads with them, but at the end of the day, he feels he made the right decision to return.

“The idea of coming back here and knowing the system was the easier part,” Lindley said. “Just feeling comfortable and [I’m] just excited to get back with these guys, and where they’re at, who doesn’t want to join a winner right now?”

Lindley had always kept his eye on the Cardinals, even after they released him. As fate would have it, Lindley joins the Chargers and whom do the Cardinals face in the season opener? The San Diego Chargers.

“I was always pulling for them after that first game, I kind of wanted them to pull that one out, but I’m glad these guys got the win,” Lindley said.

A lot’s gone on with the Cardinals since Lindley departed. There have been personnel changes all over the board, so the team looks completely different that what he saw back in August, especially at the quarterback position, which is the reason why he’s back with the team.

Lindley feels the main reason why the team is 8-1 and on top right now is because of their resilience.

“It’s a testament to the heart of this team and the leadership, from B.A. [head coach Bruce Arians] and everybody on down,” Lindley said. “It’s a great group of guys, nice mix of vets and younger guys and you can see that guys are stepping up and making plays.”

Arians hasn’t decided quite yet if Thomas or Lindley will be the No. 2 behind Stanton starting this Sunday against the Detroit Lions. He wants them to fight it out and let the best man win the spot. Lindley says he’s rolling with the punches at this point, having been here just a short time.

“I don’t know for sure, to be honest, we’re just kind of going with the flow and seeing what happens,” Lindley said. “Just like we were last year and I think they’ve been doing because they’ve had a lot of success with how Logan’s [Thomas] been helping Carson [Palmer] prepare, so anything I can do to help Logan and Drew [Stanton] get ready to go, I’ll be there for them.”




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