Sandy Alcantara shuts down Phillies in Marlins 2-1 win

Sandy Alcantara was impressive in his first start for the Marlins before spending two months on the disabled list shortly after. 

In his return from the DL, surpassed previous expectations with seven shutout innings, allowing only three hits with six strikeouts in a 2-0 win over the Philadelphia Phillies 

In the first start, Alcantara showed how effective he could be with an average fastball velocity of 93 MPH with movement. Marlins manager Don Mattingly said before the game that, “There’s nothing wrong with 93 with movement.” Against the Phillies, his fastball topped at 98 MPH.

“That was some power stuff right there,” Mattingly said. “You got 98 in the tank, you got to be able to — nothing wrong with the two-seamer like we talked about before but the four-seam works too. You got to use all your weapons. When you get better clubs and teams that can hit, you need all your weapons.”

Interestingly enough, the Phillies have faced a rookie starting pitcher 31 times this season and Alcantara is the 17th to allow two runs of less against them. 

Austin Dean provided all of the runs for the Marlins with two RBI base hits off Phillies starter Nick Pivetta. Dean spent much of the season in the minor leagues with Alcantara and was just as impressed with him as seemingly everyone else.

“That was honestly the best I’ve seen him pitch this year,” Dean said. “He’s lights out. It was a fantastic job on his part.”

The start brings hope to the Marlins that the team can end the season with a foundation of Alcantara, Pablo Lopez, Trevor Richards and Caleb Smith in their starting rotation come next year. Alcantara was the centerpiece in the Marcell Ozuna trade with the potential to be their next ace and a start like this one backs up that belief. 

“I think what you saw tonight is a guy you let develop,” Mattingly said, “as opposed to a guy you see in spring training have a full season basically under his belt. I think the key is we talked about him and you talk about the potential of him, is it a top of the rotation guy? And only he tells us that.”


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