Sporting event fights… Just Dumb!

Going to a sporting event is fun, or so I thought. You shell out about $90 for the ticket, another $20 on parking, $10 on a hot dog and if you’re lucky it may be $9 beer night. If you take your kids or significant other double or triple the above amounts. And what do you get for this car payment amount of entertainment? A group of drunk buffoons wearing their teams jerseys getting into fights with each other over whose team is the best.

Just like any other sports fan, I love my teams which mean I do not like their rivals. I think anything opposite of my team is repulsive to look at, and I stay away from bets that would make me wear an opposing teams jersey or logo. I talk trash with buddies and it’s a good time and it ends there. So please tell me, when did it become vogue to “throw blows” in the name of your team.

To many times now, we are hearing stories of people fighting and in some cases getting shot all because of a sporting event. But before we blame the sport, lets blame the idiots that are doing this. If you have a buddy that will shot someone or want to fight over their team at a game simply because someone dares to wear the opposing team jersey in their stadium, should make you re-evaluate your friends list.

Let’s just go back the last year and see what this gang mentality has done: In Cleveland last year some idiot attacked an 8 year old boy because he dared to wear a Jets jersey in Cleveland. Earlier this year a man was beaten to near death at after a Dodger versus Giants baseball game, and just the other day, 49er and Raider fans got into it which led to two men being shot. Folks, is it that serious? No.

It’s on everyone to help with safety at games. Maybe stadiums can regulate the amount of alcohol any one fan can purchase and stop serving after halftime. Stadiums can’t pass the blame if they continue to serve inebriated fans. Have more security in the stands, both in uniform and plain clothes, If we see some one acting like a complete idiot, report it. And as much as I love pre-game celebrations, ban all alcohol in parking lots after the game.

These suggestions may work and they may not. But it’s time we try something before someone or worse a child is killed, because some adult can’t control their words or their actions, all in the name of their team.


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One thought on “Sporting event fights… Just Dumb!”

  1. avatar Exotic Princess G says:

    I fully agree.. those bone heads sure know how to turn something exciting into something tragic. Yes- were all excited that there is a football season! Yes-we like to wear our jerseys and support our team! Yes-we should all pack our 9’s and buss shots at the opposing teams fans<<<< WAIT WAIT.. MAYBE I SHOULD RE-THINK THAT?? seriously.. NO SERIOUSLY.. what is one's thought process when you decide to bring your strap to the local sporting event… this is not the wild west..and education is free in America— DO BETTER!

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