Suns try to follow up big shot win with a win against the Pacers

The Phoenix Suns face the Indiana Pacers today in game four of their bubble life schedule. 

The Suns have won their first three games in the bubble with their last win coming on a buzzer beating jump shot by Devin Booker. 

You would think the Suns would be flying high after that win. Not only did they beat the Los Angeles Clippers, a team many think will win the NBA championship this year (include me in that), but they beat then with the Suns best player, Booker, hitting the game winner over their two best players, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, but the Suns are over it.

“Our next thought process is tomorrow’s film session.” Suns head coach Monty Williams said after the win, “That’s the way we’ve done everything here. We don’t want anything to change our culture. So if we win by twenty or by two, whatever the case may be, we want to come in and approach the next day we always do with gratefulness and humility and get ready for the next day and for me that’s what pros do.”

Devin Booker said basically the same thing, “The Schedule is not easy at all, we know what we’re against. We’re coming in and not scared of the opportunity we are taking it head on. We have four or five games left, we’re taking them one at a time and trying to collect the most wins we can.”

Williams said, “ We put ourselves in position to get a win. It’s an amazing feel but I’m already turning the page getting ready for the next game. We can enjoy it for a minute but we gotta turn the page.”

The Pacers are on their mind tonight along with the amazing emergence of former Suns player TJ Warren. “He’s just a hooper,” Devin Booker said, “What he’s done in the last couple of games doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve seen many years of that, (he’s) one of my favorite players to watch and have been since he’s been my teammate.” 

Warren has led the Pacers in scoring during their their wins in the bubble averaging 39.6 ppg and that includes a 53-point outburst in their first bubble game. 

The difference between these two 3 – 0 bubble teams is the Suns simply need the win more. The Pacers are currently the 5th seed and the east. One game ahead of the 6th seeded Philadelphia 76ers and one game behind the 4th seeded Miami Heat. So in other words they’re in the playoffs. 

The Suns on the other hand, have to win almost every game if not every game and still get help. But with that in mind, the Suns are still taking it one game at a time and not looking ahead. “We didn’t have 8 – 0 on our mind coming in here.” Booker said, “(We were focused on) Coming in here and playing the best basketball every night. People can say (we have) nothing to lose mentality (but) we don’t look at like that. We have games to lose games (and) to win (and we need to) come out here with that attitude and play that way.”

Booker continued, “I want a reputation in this league as being a winner, through five years I haven’t gotten to that part of my career yet. But I’m working extremely hard as I can to get there. And I feel we have a really good bunch to do it.”

But back to that game winner one more time, Coach Williams said, “I almost called a timeout but I trusted him.” He added, “(I had to) trust his ability to make the pass or the shot, tonight he made shot after shot and the last one was pretty cool to watch.”

As Devin Booker said, ”We’re here to win.”


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