Suns, Up next the Thunder

The Phoenix Suns return home to face the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight after their first winning road trip of five games or more in four years, by going 3 – 2.

Suns head coach Igor Kokoskov talked about how the Suns are different over the last two weeks, “We’re back to fundamentals, back to the basics we spoke several weeks ago understanding how defense is important for us and the mindset, we have enough weapons to and talent to score baskets and we will score but also on the defensive end we have to take pride. ”He went on, “Last game we’ve had over 30 deflections”.

The Suns not only had a winning road trip, they have also won 5 of their last 7 games. In all five of these wins, the Suns have held their opponent to 45% shooting from the field or less.

Kokoskov said, “Confidence and chemistry comes with winning games, so you win the games and it affects your mode, your engagement, your confidence and it’s a good thing.”

Talking about Deandre Ayton’s defense, “His presence in the paint makes them think about him. (His) Talent, you can see the eyes.”

Deandre Ayton said about his defense, “Just being more vocal, each possession down the stretch in important. Being locked in and just doing the little things can change a game. Being the eyes for my guards down low. Always being there.”

When asked what’s making the team better, Ayton said, “Hard games, playing with the same consistency and showing the same effort each game. The whole team playing together.”

The Suns will need the same team effort and consistency tonight if they plan on winning their sixth out of eight games as the Thunder will be looking to break their own 2 game losing streak.


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