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Muhammad Ali turns 70 today and is known by many pseudonyms, but the one that most people like to use is the G.O.A.T.  If you don’t know what that means, it stands for “Greatest Of All Time”.

Ali is recognized as the G.O.A.T due to his incredible lifetime record of 56-5, including wins over legendary fighters like Archie Moore, Floyd Patterson, Ken Norton, George Foreman and of course, Joe Frazier, just to name a few.  It also must be noted that he won a gold medal at the 1960 games as a light heavyweight fighter among his great accomplishments.

His affect on boxing is still felt.  In an era where boxing has lost some of it’s luster and is struggling in this new era, Ali remains a constant.  A caliber of fighter that boxing fans hope to see once again in the heavyweight division and breathe new life in what was once a great combat sport. 

His presence on people, who many by now have never seen him fight live is staggering.  People swarm to Ali as the legend that he is, just to get a glimpse, a picture, maybe an autograph from the iconic fighter.  He will go to baseball games and men who make millions of dollars become kids again, waiting for that opportunity to meet him, just like the kids standing outside of the park waiting to get an autograph from them. 

I’ve been lucky enough to meet Ali.  I used to deal sports memorabilia a few years ago and needless to say, I’ve been around many athelete’s.  I can honestly say he is the only one I have ever been “star struck” with.  You look at him and he has this presence.  A presence of greatness.  You know what he has accomplished and you see him sitting at a table, signing autographs for people of all ages and eventhough in the unfortunate state that he is in now, he smiles at everyone and graciously shakes their hand. 

Happy birthday to the Greatest of all Time … or G.O.A.T as he is also affectionately known as.


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  1. avatar Roy says:

    There are some who entered the field of boxing and ended up becoming boxing legends that young men can look up to and aspire to be attraction throat

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