The Monster is FINALLY off the streets! Sandusky Guilty!

Jerry Sandusky has been found guilty on 45 of 48 counts against him in his child sex abuse case for his 15 year rampage of terrorizing and abusing young boys.

There was a lot of damage done in the wake of Jerry Sandusky’s abuse. Let’s look back on just some of the things that have occurred since this story originally broke: Legendary head football coach Joe Paterno was fired along with university president Graham Spanier, vice president Gary Schultz and former athletic director Tim Curley have been charged with perjury for not reporting the abuse.

The latest bombshell is Sandusky may be in more hot water because his adopted son, Matt Sandusky, has said, through his attorney, that he was abused by his father Jerry Sandusky as well. For that, Jerry Sandusky can be charged with child abuse and incest. Matt was set to testify but did not.

Jerry Sandusky, who pleaded not guilty on all the charges, was backed by his attorney Joe Amendola. Amendola tried to get Sandusky off citing the small amount of physical evidence. This did not work, obviously as lead prosecutor, Joseph McGettigan, argued “the commonwealth has overwhelming evidence against Mr. Sandusky”.

Sandusky, 68, was said to have used his charity organization, Second Mile, as a way to corers young men into having sexual relations with him. According to his wife, Dottie, at least 6 of his accusers stayed at their home. She states, however, that she never witnessed any abuse.

The person, who did witness the abuse first hand, was former Penn State graduate assistant Mike McQueary. McQueary stated he saw Jerry Sandusky pressed up against a young boy sodomizing him in the shower at the university. This was reported but it appears the Penn State brand was more important than this act.

The victims graphically testified how Jerry Sandusky forced them into sex acts in various places including, the Penn State showers and hotel rooms. The testimony alone will turn your stomach.

Sandusky appeared in an interview with Bob Costas where he in essence said he did not seek out all young men to abuse that he assisted with his program.

After the interview the court of public opinion found him guilty and today, thankfully, the courts did also.

Thanks to CNN, NBC, AP and CBS for information.


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