The NFL 5: The Quarter Season Report Card

We are a quarter of the way through the NFL season and things are starting to take form. So it’s time to put together the “Quarter Season Report Card” with the top 5, the ugly 5, and the disappointing 5.

Top 5:
The Green bay Packers are better than anyone could have imagined and they are the most complete team in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers has become one of the top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL and he plays like it every week. It’s impossible to double any of their receivers because they have so many options. They have a running game and on defense they have solid linebackers and a good secondary. You can find holes in this team, but that’s just looking for the sake of looking. At this point, it’s more surprising when and if they lose than news worthy when they win.

The feel good story of the year has to be the Detroit Lions. Simply put, the Lions are good. They have a solid defense and Mathew Stafford has the offense clicking. He and Calvin Johnson have become one of the most dangerous tandems in the NFL. This team, for the first time in a very long time, believes they can win every week. The Detroit Lions are now finding ways to win and not ways to lose.

The ugly 5:
The Miami Dolphins are awful. Other than Brandon Marshall they do not have any true studs at any position. Their coach, Tony Sparano, is on life support and the stands are empty. It’s all bad on South Beach.

Minnesota can’t hold a lead even with the best running back in the NFL. Their 2nd half play calling is terrible and coach Leslie Frazier appears to make all the wrong half time adjustments. Donovan McNabb is starting to slow and his receivers are lackluster. All that equals an 0 – 4 start.

Disappointing 5:
It starts with the Philadelphia Eagles. Michael Vick has played well but their defense is terrible. They may have the worst linebacking trio in the NFL. They cannot stop the run at all and until this is fixed, it doesn’t matter what they do on offense.

Even though they are not ranked second, the Arizona Cardinals have managed to back themselves in a hole in a very winnable division. The St. Louis Rams are terrible and Seattle can’t score, except for the week they beat the Cardinals. Ken Whisenhunt has to be on the hot seat. You can only live of the super Bowl appearance for so long.

Top 5
1. Green Bay Packers
2. Detroit Lions
3. New Orleans Saints
4. New England Patriots
5. San Diego Chargers

Ugly 5
1. Miami Dolphins
2. St. Louis Rams
3. Minnesota Vikings
4. Kansas City Chiefs
5. Indianapolis Colts

Disappointing 5:
1. Philadelphia Eagles
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
3. Arizona Cardinals
4. New York Jets
5.Dallas Cowboys


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