The Phoenix Suns get their Guy….

Phoenix – Arizona


The Speculation is over in Phoenix, as the Phoenix Suns have selected point guard Kendall Marshall from The University of North Carolina with the #13 pick in the draft.


After the pick, Suns general manager Lance Blanks said Marshall was “the guy they were targeting all along… Kendall represents everything we want to be about as a player and a person.” Blanks went on to say he is a “winner” and explained they are “excited”. Lance Blanks Phoenix Suns GM draft day 06-28-2012


Marshall is a pure point guard, who is a gifted passer, that should make an immediate impact with the Suns with or without the presence of Steve Nash. Marshall will either serve as the perfect understudy to Nash or play immediately if Nash decides to leave. 


If Nash does decide to leave, Marshall’s learning curve will need to speed up, especially on the offensive end. At UNC, Marshall was only a 44% shooter from the field overall, and only a 36% shooter from the college 3-point line. Neither are impressive statistics in the event he’s thrown into a starters roll.


Marshall called in and talked about his workouts with the Suns, he said he felt the “first workout went extremely well and the second could have went better”. When he was asked about the criticism about his shooting he stated “they are criticism for a reason” and “excited because now there is no school to get in the way”.


The Toronto Raptors and the New York Knicks have not made it a secret about their desires to acquire Steve Nash as their point guard. The Raptors may be willing to amnesty Jose Calderon to make that happen. That should talk to the extent that they will go to so they can surround their young stars, DeMar DeRozan and recent draft pick Terrence Ross, with a proven winner at point guard.


All that is down the line, the focus now is on Marshall being the first round pick of the Suns and going through the challenges of being a rookie in the NBA.



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