Thompson and Cerrone cash in

It was a great night for Donald Cerrone and Stephen Thompson.

Both fighters secured notable wins that could lead to title shots.

Cerrone’s last title shot was a disaster after he was demolished by Rafael Dos Anjos.

Let’s start with the Cerrone fight against Patrick Cote.

It only took 30 seconds until Cote was on the ground. In the second round, Cote got smashed with a huge left from Cerrone.

Cote got rocked by the left and appeared to be egging Cerrone on, in a McGregoresque fashion.

At the time, Cote’s mannerisms were telling Cerrone “c’mon! Is that all you got?”

Cote just shrugged his shoulders at the end of the round.

The third round was more of the same, with another crippling left hand thrown by Cerrone, that sent Cote to the floor.

Cerrone then started to connect with some kicks to the body, before yet again smacking Cote with another big left hand, followed by two short but powerful rights.

Cote, on the floor once again, is the victim of a flurry of shots by Cerrone, who finally finished him off two and a half minutes into the third round.

Cerrone had him KO’d three separate times, but just couldn’t finish the job until the end.

So, let’s look at what’s next for Cerrone. We know what happened the last time he fought Dos Anjos.

Meanwhile, Cerrone claims he’d like to fight at UFC 200, which is already an incredibly stacked card as I mentioned in one of my previous articles.

I’d say it’s entirely possible because Cerrone didn’t get dinged up too bad during this fight. Plus, with the success fighters are having taking fights on short notice, maybe it’s a no-brainer for Cerrone?

So, who could Cerrone fight? Nate Diaz? He fights Conor in August. GSP? He’d have to come out of retirement. I feel like GSP has been training so I think he COULD fight at UFC 200 if he wanted to.

Khabib Nurmagamedov? Now that would be fun to watch. That fight would be a blast to watch. However, I think Khabib is better slated to fight the winner of RDA vs. Alvarez.

Cerrone is a question mark at the moment. We will have to revisit this another time.

We do know he is upset with the UFC, making a statement that he doesn’t mean much to them.

Cerrone said he just wants the fastest path to the next fight, meaning he is willing to fight at welterweight or lightweight. He’s got options right now.

Moving on to the MacDonald vs. Thompson fight.

There wasn’t much action in the first round, with Thompson winning the round but not in exciting fashion.

In the second, Thompson scored with short outside leg kicks, but nevertheless another quiet round with Thompson getting the edge.

MacDonald finally connected in the third round with a short right, but it wasn’t enough to hurt Thompson. Thompson hit MacDonald with a nice straight left followed by a hard leg kick. Then, it looked like Thompson hurt MacDonald’s nose.

We know MacDonald broke his nose, and it looked like the punch at the end of the third was the one that caused the initial damage.

In the fourth round, Thompson scored a nice combo to start the round, kicking at MacDonald’s midsection. MacDonald was covering up, clearly hurt. Thompson realized MacDonald’s nose was pouring out blood and began to target his face. Then, before you knew it, the fight was over.

Thompson won via UD.

This fight said a lot about both fighters.

Thompson will most likely fight for the Welterweight title next, which would be the winner of Lawler vs. Woodley.

MacDonald, on the other hand, needs surgery to repair his broken nose. After that, only time will tell. He’s a tough guy, so I expect him to be back soon.

I’ll catch up with you guys next time, when we see Rafael Dos Anjos fight Eddie Alvarez.

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