Thon Maker visits Phoenix for pre-draft workouts

Thon Maker, who may have wound up playing college basketball for Arizona State University before opting for the NBA draft, visited the Phoenix Suns for their pre-draft workouts.

Maker who is coming out of Athlete Institute Basketball Academy, is 7’0” tall with the dribbling ability of a guard or small forward. However, at this point he’s lacking the quickness and lateral movement to play either position.

Missing the needed size, weighing only 218 pounds to play power forward or center in the NBA makes him a project player at this point.

He can run the floor, hit jumpers and add his ability to handle the ball, makes him a constant threat.

When asked what part of his game will translate best to the NBA, Maker said, “My shot ability, defensive part also, communication as a leader being a good teammate, also a competitive person both on the court and off the court, and I hold everybody accountable for everything including myself.”

He said he shows his leadership by, “Speaking a lot (and) not just speaking nonsense. Make them (teammates) compete so they can make you compete.”

He did say he is enjoying the pre-draft process ad has had four visits thus far.

When he was asked about coming to Phoenix, did he think about ASU, he said he didn’t think about it until one of the coaches mentioned it to him. He said at that point he said, “Oh.”

Maker is slotted in some mock drafts should be a late first round pick. Still a project that can spend time in the D-League or practicing with his team, working on his strength and overall NBA skills to sink in.


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